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We’re all aware of catastrophic storms that can knock out power to millions. But, while hurricanes and tornadoes grab the headlines, the fact remains that nearly 70% of all weather-related power outages are caused by thunderstorms that can occur almost anywhere.

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

A whole-house surge protector won’t cost you nearly as much compared to the money you save in case there is a power surge. Our electricians at Green HVAC services will safely install your whole-house surge protector.

Heavy Up Electrical Panel Installation

At Green HVAC Services, we perform what’s called a “Heavy Up,” increasing your home’s electrical service capacity to run all of your devices and appliances safely and reliably.

New Electrical Wiring

Green HVAC Services does more than just HVAC work. We also install new electrical wiring in homes. Quality wiring is essential in every home. There are several reasons why this is so important.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Are you searching for a reliable and cheaper way to give your home a modern look? Try recessed lighting. It gives your home a perfect blend of functionality and style, leaving it with a new look.

Electrical Panel Installation

An electrical panel, also known as a service panel or circuit breaker box, is the gatekeeper of your entire electrical system. It ensures that you’re able to utilize electricity efficiently and safely.


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