Whole House Surge Protector Installation

whole house surge protector installation

Many homeowners believe that their little power strips are going to protect their gadgets and electronics from power surges, but this just isn’t the case. It’s risky to plug a major appliance like a water heater into such power strips. All of those systems and devices wired right into the electrical box or plugged into unprotected outlets are at risk.

With a whole-house surge protector in Fairfax, VA, the device itself is wired right into the electrical box. The surge protector will trans the surge to protect your home’s circuitry from being negatively affected. This helps keep your electrical system in safe working conditions and prevent severe damage to your costly appliances and electronics. Power surges are unpredictable and can make their way into homes in various ways, including through telephone lines. Simply plugging power strips into the wall is not enough or safe coverage. Don’t take any unnecessary risks with your electrical system.

Protect Your Home

A whole-house surge protector won’t cost you nearly as much compared to the money you save in case there is a power surge. Our electricians at Green HVAC services will safely install your whole-house surge protector. Call us today at (703) 992-5243.


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