Green HVAC Services Installs Ductless Mini-Split Systems

ductless mini split system installationIf you need a new air conditioning for your home or need to augment what you have, consider installing one or more AC ductless mini-split systems in your home. The main advantage of ductless mini-split systems is their small size and versatility in cooling individual rooms or for zoned areas in your home. Many mini ductless systems can also handle heating duties too. Some models have the ability to heat or cool up to four rooms when connected to a single outdoor unit.

What are Mini Split Systems?

Essentially, they are small versions of central air conditioning systems that have an outdoor component and an indoor air handler. Ductless mini-split systems use a single wall-mounted air handler that keeps a specified area as cool as you like via remote control. These systems also have smaller carbon footprints than traditional air conditioning systems, which is why Green HVAC Services loves to install them.

Ideal for Historical Homes Without Ductwork

If you have an older, historical home without ductwork, mini-split systems will allow you to ditch those inefficient window air conditioners. Older, historic homes have many differences from modern structures as ductless system don’t require major renovation, which could violate preservation rules. You’ll have little construction except for a cutaway in the wall where the air supply connects. This fact also makes ductless mini-split system ideals for those who need extra climate control in their homes but don’t want to undergo an extensive renovation.

Other Reasons to Install a Ductless Mini Split System

Perhaps the biggest reason why homeowners install these systems is that they save money. Ductless systems operate on less power because they are smaller than traditional whole-house air conditioners while the cooled or heated air is delivered directly into a room. This advantage allows you to create zones in your home to manage hot or cold spots, while also letting you shut off climate control to areas that aren’t occupied. This advantage also means that mini-split systems are kinder to the overall environment.

Secondly, these systems improve indoor air quality. Ducted systems accumulate dust, debris, mold, bacteria and even virses over time, all of which can diminish the air quality in your home.

Thirdly, they’re also quieter than a traditional central system. Noise levels vary among brands, but you will typically not notice these units much when they operate.

Easier to Install Than Central Air Conditioners

Ductless mini-split systems are easier to install than central systems thanks to only requiring a small hole for the conduit to connect the inside and outside components. At the same point, however, ductless mini-split systems must also be sized properly, just as central air conditioners do. without proper sizing, you’ll run into problems such as short cycling, which will increase your energy usage. Contact Green HVAC Services today to learn more about buying ad installing a ductless mini-split system and how your home can benefit.


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