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Electrical Circuit Breaker panel in new home constructionGreen HVAC Services does more than just HVAC work. We also install new electrical wiring in homes. Quality wiring is essential in every home. There are several reasons why this is so important.

If you are purchasing a custom-built home or are considering a house that is currently under construction, you are fortunate in many ways because you can take control of the wiring installation.

Home Safety


Improper electrical wiring is a leading cause of house fires. Wiring that is old, damaged, or overloaded can overheat or create arcs that ignite nearby materials. This is a common problem in older homes but can also happen when a substandard contractor wires the home. We can assess your home’s wiring to determine whether it is safe and up to code. If not, we can rewire it for safe, reliable performance.

Proper Function of Equipment


The electrical appliances and systems in your home are designed for a steady supply of electricity. If your system is undersized, you could see interruptions that can cause problems. For example, the lights may become dimmer when the refrigerator is running. This is a sign that you need to upgrade your electrical service, and we can help you with that. In time, the lack of adequate electrical supply will strain the appliance, causing permanent damage.

Outdated Electrical Components


Old houses have a lot of charm, but they also have old technology. The first electrified homes used plug-in fuses that were removed and replaced when they blew. These are dangerous to use because the live wiring is exposed when the old fuse is taken out. They were also frequently replaced with heavier fuses or even with improvised “fixes” to keep the fuse from blowing again. Any system that is this old should be replaced immediately.

Lack of Adequate Power


Your home was built with a service that limits the amount of power it can use at a given time. Older homes were often built with smaller services because they lacked central air, computers, multiple televisions, and so forth. Years later, you find you’re are unable to install or upgrade something because the service is too light. With our rewiring services, we can upgrade your service and make sure your home’s electrical system can handle the load.

Lack of Power Availability


Another feature in older homes was a smaller number of outlets. Again, people simply didn’t have as many electrical devices in their homes, so fewer receptacles were provided. As the need increased, people turned to power strips, extension cords, and other dangerous and unreliable solutions. The better option is to upgrade the wiring and add enough outlets for the home’s demands.

Resale Value


A great selling point for a home being placed on the market is that it has recently been rewired. Buyers don’t have time to examine the system and see if it’s up to standards, but they’ll appreciate a new breaker box and the other visible aspects after rewiring it.

If any of these issues sound familiar, you can modernize your home with our rewiring services. Your home will be safer, more functional, and more valuable.


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